Walnut Wood Spirits

Walnut Wood Spirits

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Hill Tender Carvings grew out of a life-long fascination with the natural world.   I create chainsaw carvings of woodland creatures and other subjects.   I carve on a Pennsylvania hillside that I have tended for many years.  On these pages you can see a few of my chainsaw sculptures. I hope you enjoy your visit as I invite you to join me in the appreciation of "All Things Wild". 

"The Hill Tender"

Gary Schaeffer



Note regarding stock items

Almost all the carvings you view in the gallery have been sold and are living in one of my  customer's home or garden.   Most of my carvings are custom work produced on request.   An "in stock" designation on the  gallery pages does not mean I currently have the piece.  It indicates I am able to make a similar piece on request.  Please use the email or phone number on the contact page to inquire about items ready for immediate delivery or to request a custom sculpture.   Enjoy the viewing.