The trees used for my carvings are the unfortunate victims of storms or development.  I rescue them  from an imminent encounter with a chipper or fireplace.  I use many species of wood but the majority of my carvings  are on softwoods (spruce and pine).  Carving is done almost exclusively by chain saw.  A limited amount of  finish detail is added with the use of  sanders or grinders.  Glass eyes are employed to lend an air of realism. 


I make every effort to ensure maximum longevity.    Sculptures ( except wood spirits*) undergo a four step finish process.  A log home preservative is applied to retard insects and decay.  An oil based primer and a minimum of two coats of acrylic finish is applied to all painted surfaces for maximum weather resistance and minimal maintenance.  Transparent or stained pieces receive a minimum of three coats of marine varnish.  Transparent varnishes add beauty and depth to a piece but require regular reapplication.  The bases of all pieces receive a stain or oil finish.   

*Wood Spirits prefer to be in a natural state and will only tolerate a linseed oil finish for weather resistance.    See Wood Spirit Care page.   


Hill Tender Carvings are designed  to withstand exposure to the elements.   They are best displayed in a shaded  outdoor location but can be displayed almost anywhere.   Please be aware extremes of moisture or heat can impact the appearance or longevity of your purchase.  Direct soil contact may promote insects or decay.    Indoor display and conditions that promote rapid drying may hasten or amplify checking.  Carvings can be washed off with water, or cleaned with any product intended for painted wood surfaces.  


Checking is the appearance of cracks running parallel to the grain.  They are the result of natural drying pressure within the log.  It is a common occurrence in this art form and most carvings will display some checking over time.   Avid collectors of chainsaw art generally agree the checks add to the character of the carving.  Checks rarely affect the structure of the piece.  Checks on painted pieces can easily be remedied if they negatively impact your enjoyment of the carving.  Please contact the artist.