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 We are Wood Spirits

We like to be outdoors where we can enjoy the fresh air .

Keep our feet out of the dirt and don't stand us in a puddle. 

Let the rain wash us and the sun warm our faces. 

A light coat of linseed oil every few years will improve our complexion. 

We are a little sensitive about our appearance so please don't laugh at our bumps, knots, and cracks.  We prefer to think of our various oddities as adding character. 

We were discovered hiding in a log by the "The Hill Tender" and released so we might become someone's friend and live in their yard or garden. 

If you listen closely you might hear us sing in your garden. Some people say we sound like the wind in the leaves, others like chirping birds and still others like the rustling of small animals in the leaves.  

Take us home and decide for yourself.